Narrow 7.6cm Single Prong Belt, 10mm - IPF Approved

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Made with the same high standards as all our belts and crafted using premium Amara synthetic leather, the Narrow Single Prong belt is particularly popular for deadlifting due to its less intrusive design. The narrower width reduces the likelihood of the belt digging into your hips or ribs – making it ideal for shorter lifters.

The single-prong buckle design is straightforward to adjust and ensures the belt fits securely. Like our other belts, this belt supports better body biomechanics and aids in increasing intra-abdominal pressure, improving performance and safety.


Our Narrow Single Prong belt has earned IPF approval and is suitable for competitive use.

For complete competition preparation, consider our IPF Approved Thick Unisex Singlet along with the Narrow Single Prong Belt.


  • Material: Amara Synthetic Leather
  • Mechanism: Single Prong Buckle
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Width: 7.6mm
  • IPF Approved


Why choose the Narrow Single Prong Belt?

A narrow lifting belt like ours is often favoured for exercises like deadlifting due to its narrower design, reducing the chance of the belt digging into your torso as you lift. As always, your choice depends on your personal preferences and comfort – shorter lifters often prefer a narrower belt.

What is the belt made of?

It’s made from Amara synthetic leather, chosen for its durability, comfort, and ability to mould to the body shape.

How can I adjust the Narrow Single Prong Belt?

The belt comes with a simple single-prong buckle design for effortless adjustments. A securing loop ensures the belt remains in place during workouts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Saskia (Germany)
Best belt + best service

Very happy with the belt. I have a small torso which is why I can’t wear normal-sized PL belts and this one fits perfectly. Combined with an outstanding customer service, I am more than satisfied

May (Netherlands)

I’m short and small and this belt fits perfectly. It is strong, but also soft on the skin. I am so happy I bought this. It’s definitely worth the money :)))

José S. (Portugal)
Great belt for the price

I absolutely recommend this belt. It's great for the price range. You get a well built, stable, comfortable belt that's IPF approved. 5/5

Dennis R.
Nice and solid belt, does what it's supposed to do.

Nice and solid belt, does what it's supposed to do.

At first it's stiff AF (like all new belts), so you either have to use it like it is for a while and/or stand on top of it and pull it back and forth so that the fabric gets a bit smoother.
For people with a really short torso it still might hurt a bit in the beginning but once you've used it for a while it gets better.

Top Preis-Leistung!

Ich verwende den Gürtel nun schon seit ca. 6 Monaten und kann ihn voll und ganz empfehlen. Das Material hat noch keine Ermüdungserscheinungen. Eingebrochen war der Gürtel extrem schnell. Bei den ersten 2-3 Benutzungen haben sich die Kanten noch etwas unangenehm am Bauch angefühlt, danach war aber alles gut.


Die Größe ist perfekt, dies ist der einzige Gürtel der wirklich sehr klein ist (XS). Gute Qualität, unterstützt gut.