3-Sided Hex Bar

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The Ideal Tool for Deadlifts, Shrugs, and Farmer's Walks

Introducing our 3-Sided Hex Trap Bar – a versatile training tool for your regular strength training routine. The neutral grip, combined with interchangeable grip thicknesses and heights, allows you to lift with optimal form and efficiency. With the weight being in your centre of gravity and its open form, you'll experience less limitation in the lower body, making walking exercises and technical lifts easier to perform. Plus, the built-in deadlift jack ensures easy loading and unloading, enhancing your training experience with convenience and functionality. This bar can also be raked, with approx. 15cm of space on each side, into all Strength Shop racks and most standard racks.

Seasoned lifters looking to complement their training routines, or beginners focusing on proper form and muscle engagement, the Hex Trap Bar offers a unique solution for enhancing your strength training routine. Performing deadlifts, shrugs, or farmer's walks, this bar is up to the challenge, offering a reliable and effective tool for your strength training needs, training the glutes, hamstrings, and traps, as well as stabilizing muscles in the core, lower back, and forearms. 

Durable 3mm Steel Open Hex Trap Bar for Tough Training Sessions

Made from durable 3mm steel and finished with black powder coating, this bar is made to be tough as your training sessions. With a total length of 196cm and chrome sleeves measuring 32cm each, the open hex trap bar provides ample space for loading weight plates securely. The handle-to-handle distance of 65cm ensures a comfortable grip width, while the handle length of 16cm offers a solid and stable hold throughout your lifts. Capable of handling a maximum suggested load of 300kg, this Steel Hex Trap Bar is ideal for lifters of all levels looking to push their limits and achieve new personal bests.

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  • Material: 3mm steel, black powder coated
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Total length: 196cm
  • Sleeve length: 32cm chrome sleeves
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
  • Handle-to-handle distance: 65cm
  • Handle length: 16cm
  • Two different handle diameters: 28mm & 34mm 
  • Knurling: yes, fully knurled handles
  • Knurling type: vulcano
  • Max. suggested load: 300kg

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Hugo S. (The Netherlands)
Great product

Awesome quality, great price