7mm Inferno PRO Knee Sleeves - Extra Stiff Neoprene, Black - IPF Approved

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Introducing Our Inferno Pro Knee Sleeves: Unmatched Support for Your Heaviest Lifts

Made of special compound neoprene, these knee sleeves are a lot stiffer than our regular Inferno Knee Sleeves, while having the same material thickness of 7mm. When squatting, our hourglass shape ensures that there is less additional material in the knee crease, while still providing maximum support. Due to their extra stiffness, careful consideration in sizing, usage, and handling is crucial to extend the lifespan of the product.

Who Benefits from the Inferno Pro Sleeves?

Maximum support for maximum lifts!
For maximum lifts, PR attempts, competition prep and on the competition stage you require the best support you can get: use the Inferno PROs! These are not intended for volume training or warm-up sets.

It's important to be aware that Extra Stiff neoprene knee sleeves are not expected to last as long as conventional neoprene knee sleeves.

→ For your daily training, we advise you to use our softer neoprene sleeves range,  to ensure your body gets used to heavier weights and you build a solid foundation. Those offer less support and will help your body to adapt better.

Sizing Information: Finding Your Perfect Fit

The rigidity of our enhanced neoprene leaves little room for stretch, therefore following our size guide is crucial. Refer to our size chart, using your knee joint measurement as the primary guide. Consider quad and calf measurements as additional references, size up one size if either your quads or calves measurements fall into the range of a larger size compared to the size indicated by your knee measurement. In cases where measurements fall between sizes, we advise to size up. This ensures optimal coverage above the knee joint, which is enhancing performance without compromising comfort. A slight protrusion at the calf area is normal and won't affect performance, but help to undress the sleeves more easily. Our size recommendations aim for a comfortable yet secure fit suitable for most athletes. Avoid sizing down at all costs, and if uncertain about measurements, don't hesitate to contact our customer support for assistance.

As strong as the 7mm Inferno PRO Knee Sleeves! Unleash your strength with the Zone Bear Down Steel Blood Dry Smelling Salt.

Size Chart

! Please refer to our size chart using your knee joint measurement as the primary guide. Consider quad and calf measurements as additional references, but avoid selecting a size smaller than that determined by your knee joint, as the sleeves have zero tolerance. If uncertain about your measurements, kindly reach out to our customer support for assistance.

Size Knee Calf Quad
2XS 29-32 31-34 38-41
XS 31-34 33-36 40-43
S 33-36 35-38 42-45
M 35-38 37-40 44-47
L 37-40 39-42 46-49
XL 39-42 41-44 48-51
2XL 41-44 43-46 50-53
3XL 43-46 45-48 52-55
4XL 45-48 47-50 54-57
5XL 47-50 49-52 58-61

Important Guidelines for Usage
Wearing the Inferno Pro Sleeves excessively tight accelerates wear-and-tear, potentially leading to tears. Opting for a size that is smaller than your knee, quad, and calf measurements compromises ease of removal and increases the risk of damage, impacting warranty coverage. When in doubt, size up.

Putting On and Taking Off: Essential Tips
Refrain from using straps or other aids to put the sleeves on. Utilize a sock or leggings if needed, but if additional aids are necessary, the sleeves are likely too small. Remember, you won't have assistance during competition, so it's crucial to master the unassisted application from the start.
When removing the sleeves, exercise patience, PUSH the sleeves down, don`t pull them down with force - especially if unaccustomed to their density. Although they may initially feel stuck, they should gradually loosen with time. Keeping your foot grounded while removing them facilitates the process. Avoid fully folding the sleeves inside out, as this preserves both ease of application and longevity.

Aftercare Recommendations

Proper storage and usage are vital for maintaining the sleeves' integrity year-round. Avoid folding them in half or inside out during storage, and if folded for application, minimize the duration. Only use the sleeves when completely dry to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


  • Material: 7mm double seamed neoprene, durable zig zag seam 
  • IPF approved
  • Length: 29.5cm
  • Feature: extra stiff
  • Colour: black
  • Ideal for super heavy lifting 
  • Handwash only.
  • Sold as pair (two sleeves)

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Kārlis Š. (Austria)

7mm Inferno PRO Knee Sleeves - Extra Stiff Neoprene, Black - IPF Approved

SAMER H. (Greece)

7mm Inferno PRO Knee Sleeves - Extra Stiff Neoprene, Black - IPF Approved

S.M. (Italy)
Avoid at all costs

Me and my team boughts more than 10 pairs of this knee sleeves (all beginner to intermediate lifters).
Those sleeves are poorly made and will open up in 2/3 months of occasional use (only heavy lift), for the price just save up and buy the rigid famous one, cost twice but last 10x (i use myself a pair every single squat, after 2 years and theyr perfect).
Will never buy another pair.

J. (Germany)
Can't recommend due to them breaking very early

After working myself through already three pairs of these I finally have to give them a review. My first impression of these last year were awesome, perfect fit and very comfortable to put on (even being that stiff). Unfortunately my 1st pair broke after roughly 7 weeks which was fixed by the customer support which I am very thankful for still. While I was hoping the issue was only an exception my 2nd pair did last for roughly 4 months until they broke again. Ultimately I got myself a 3rd pair and was hoping they would last...well somewhat longer. To my disappointment the 3rd sleeve already broke after not even 2 weeks and 3 Squat Sessions.
Of course I did wear the correct size, the last pair which broke the fastests was even looser than the other two since I lost body weight (I could've even sized down to L instead of XL this time around). In the end I sadly can't recommend these Sleeves due to them not being durable at all even though my first impressions of them were that nice.

L.R. (Italy)
Sarebbero state da 5 stelle ma…

Ho acquistato queste ginocchiere, che ho consigliato a molti miei atleti e conoscenti, le ho anche recensite come migliori rispetto le SBD powerlifting 7mm

Purtroppo dopo appena tre mesi di utilizzo, con solo uno squat a settimana, una delle cuciture della ginocchiera ha ceduto aprendosi lateralmente.

Certo può succedere un problema o difetto di fabbrica, ma la cosa scandalosa é stato il servizio assistenza inesistente, provato a contattare più volte ma senza avere risposta.

Grande delusione.

V.P. (Italy)

Ginocchiere usate 5 volte si sono distrutte ,
Le consiglio solo per fare massimali e qualche doppia perché se fate qualche reps in più si aprono
Fortunatamente, l assistenza di Strengthshop , specialmente la ragazza che mi ha risposto alle email è stata gentilissima rimborsando l articolo .
1 stella 🌟 per le ginocchiere che per il costo che hanno potevano reggere un po’ di più di 5 volte
5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 assistenza 👩‍🔧