Multi Grip Thick Curl Bar

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Multi Grip Thick Curl Bar

The Multi Grip Thick Curl Bar is a great multi-purpose bar available with the added features of alternately angled handles for a different curl and press variations and grip widths.

This bar is great for all sorts of pressing and rowing movements and tricep and bicep work. The thick handles will add extra work for your grip and forearms.

Please see below for full specifications.

Weight: 9.2 kg
Total length: 120 cm
Loadable Sleeve Length: 250 mm
Sleeve thickness: 50 mm
Lenght handles:190 mm
Thickness handles: 50 mm
Box Sections Size: 54 cm x 23.5 cm

Multi Grip Thick Curl Bar

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fabio D.P. (Italy)

Ottimo bilanciere! Le impugnature da 50 mm sono perfette anche per me che ho le "manine da principessa"! Nessun difetto riscontrato.

M.H. (Norway)
Triceps bar

Absolutely love it, thanks 😘
Greetings from Norway

Davide F.
Good Bar

Ordinata Domenica, ricevuta Giovedì.
Ottimo attrezzo per tricipiti e bicipiti, l impugnatura più spessa rende l esercizio più produttivo.

good stuff

super equipment, as said there is something in it that moves, but it is not genant. good grip. +1 for grease put in protection for transport !!

GuY C.
Filled with sand or something

When you lift the par you can hear little pebbles inside the bar, it’s really annoying. The only reason I didn’t return it is because every other place is sold out and it’s still better than nothing.

Guy A.C.
Nice feel but noisy

I like the feel of the bar and also the look. There is one thing that I find annoying: The bar is hollow, which is not a problem, but inside there are presumably metal fragments moving around. It sounds like tiny stones are moving through the bar every time I lift it.