Olympic Football Bar

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Football bar, providing the facility to work with a neutral grip, ideal for those with shoulder problems, and anyone looking to add some variety into their training.

The angled handles alter how the shoulder joint functions during the press movement, and results in a more neutral grip, which is designed to be easier on the shoulder joint. Their 50 mm diameter eases strain on the wrists as well.

This bar is designed for rehab and/or assistance work hence we advise using lighter weights, however, the recommended max load is 200 kg.

Weight: 10 kg
Width: 190 mm
Diameter loading pin: 50 mm

Length: 2100 mm
Length sleeves: 400 mm

Suitable for a variety of lifts, including:

Bench press
Tricep extensions
Hammer curls

Originally designed to be used by American Football players with, or recovering from, shoulder injuries, to allow them to continue to bench.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
M.M. (Spain)
Great bar for shoulder rehab

Using it for bench press variations during shoulder rehab. Works very well, especially like the thicker fat grips.
My only gripe is the flared triangle area next to where the bar rests on the rack. it's very difficult to rack properly as they keep hitting the j-cups and don't 'sit' into the position like regualr bars. This can be dangerous after a few sets and your triceps are tired.

F.D.P. (Italy)
Ottimo prodotto!

Ottimo prodotto, devo proprio dirlo! Come per altri acquisti fatti, confermo il fatto che le prese da 50 mm sono perfette anche per me che ho le mani piccole; l'unico difetto è che non sono zigrinate, per questo motivo quattro stelle e non cinque. Non capisco chi si lamenta in merito al diametro: sul sito ci sono scritte chiaramente tutte le misure, se non fa per voi e se non sapete usarlo... lasciate perdere, punto. Ecco, l'altra cosa che non mi piace è la giuntura in mezzo: il diametro è più piccolo rispetto al resto, di conseguenza visivamente fa un brutto effetto! Confermo le quattro stelle. Top!

R. (Slovakia)
Highly dont suggest

I highly DONT suggest this bar. The reason is the diameter of handles. They are seriously too thick, very challenging to hold in hand with heavy benchpress and are causing to pinch nerves in my palm when used heavy. Weight is distributing in your whole palm all the way to fingers, its just a challenge to find perfect grip on it, without it it feels painful and is about to slip out from hand. There is a reason why benchpress barbells are designed with 30-35 mm handle diameter, not 50. There is a reason why there is no other 50mm handle bar on market like this one. Its cheap to manufacture because they just cut the shaft and use it as handles, but seriously sucks and alsmost makes this bar unusable. Waist of my money.

Martin (Netherlands)
Exactly what you expect, great bang for your buck

Needing to give your shoulders some rest? The football bar gives you a nice bench variation that lighter on your shoulders, but also in general a fun variation to do since it targets different muscles. The bigger grips are interesting, but you notice them more when doing rows with the bar. The layout of the grips is perfect for me and for this price it's an absolute steal.

There is room for improvement though:
- it being hollow meant that in my case it got some steel slag inside of it that I can't get out, which you can hear rattle inside.

- Not all standard collars with the sleeves well, I even had a few callibrated powerlifting plates that were very hard to get all the way to the end of the sleeve.

A.F. (France)

I didn't know exactly what to expect while ordering the swiss bar. I received it quickly so to give it a try i decided to do a kind of full body workout with it.
bench press, medium grip = absolute triceps buster, huge pump, the 50mm grip is perfect although the un racking is a bit awkward at the beginning.
Military press, close grip = perfect for my chronic shoulder pain, but the lockout is really hard.
Jm press, close grip = perfect.
Barbell row, medium grip = unreal sensation on the lats and medium/lower traps, you fell the contraction at the top.
Hammer curl, close grip = hammering the forearm.
Just one advice, leaves your ego at the locker room.

Good value

Think I got a second hand version with a beat up plate-marking and some weird shit sloshing around inside the bar. That being said, this is a shoulder saver and the thick grips makes for a great overall exercise when floor/bench pressing and curling. It feels a bit off when rowing and pressing overhead but maybe it's just me.