Original 2032 Power Bar, 20kg

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Ideal for Benching & Squatting

The Original 2032 Power Bar is ideal for bench press and squats. The shaft has a diameter of 32mm and is therefore thicker than regular powerlifting barbells. The result is a more rigid bar shaft that also offers an increased bearing surface. Many athletes feel more comfortable during pressing exercises, such as the bench press, but also in the back for squats. The stiffer bar reduces slack/whip with increasing loads.

Here is why you should Deadlift with this bar, too

Test your grip strength. Even though this barbell has its strength in bench presses and squats, it should not stop you from doing deadlifts with this bar. The thicker handle combined with the reduced slack makes for a pretty good grip-strength workout.

Black shaft, chromed sleeves

Our original 2032 Power Bar comes with a black coated shaft, centre knurling and standard powerlifting markings at 81cm. The sleeves are 40cm long and 50mm in diameter, smoothed and chrome plated. 

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  • Weight: 20kg 
  • Total length: 220cm
  • Shaft diameter: 32mm
  • Shaft length: 131cm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
  • Loadable sleeve length: 40cm
  • Sleeve technology: 4 needle bearing & 2 brass bushings
  • Centre knurling: yes
  • Grip markings: 81cm 
  • Max. suggested load: 280kg
  • Colour: black shaft/chromed sleeves

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
André C. (Belgium)

très bonne barre et un bon grippe

Joaquim G. (Portugal)

It’s really good for bench, and the price was ok too

Sascha v.S. (Germany)
Power bar original 2032

Mega schöne Bar das nerling ist nicht zu rau und nicht zu Stumpf und sie liegt sehr gut in der Hand und auf dem Rücken.
Strength shop ist einfach der beste

Rajmund B. (Italy)

Original 2032 Power Bar, 20kg

Oliver B. (Germany)

Hat alle Erwartungen erfüllt und übertroffen!
Wie in der Beschreibung von strengshop über diese langhantel , eignet sie sich hervorragend zum bankdrücken, Kniebeugen und Kreuzheben. Durch die etwas stärkere Griffstärke, das sehr angenehm ist, erfüllt diese langhantel alle Erwartungen.