Riot Bumper Plates - Coloured

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  • 25KG - Red Riot Bumper Plate
    25KG - Red Riot Bumper Plate
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Riot Bumper Plates - Coloured

These plates are made from rubber and are extremely durable, robust and in conjunction with IWF colours. The plates will bounce less and absorb more of the noise compared to regular bumper plates.

Price is for one plate, not a pair.

Now with a 10-year guarantee against splitting/cracking of the plates.

We have heard of many people asking about if our bumper plates 'split or crack after use'. We've sold thousands of them over the years, as well as using them extensively ourselves in training, and have never heard of this happening to any of them. To give you peace of mind and to back this up, we're selling these bumpers with a 10-year guarantee against splitting/cracking of them (5's are excluded from the guarantee).


25kg - 450mm diameter 97mm thick
20kg - 450mm diameter 88mm thick
15kg - 450mm diameter 70mm thick
10kg - 450mm diameter 45mm thick
5kg - 450mm diameter 35mm thick

Full rubber bumper plates suitable for use with standard olympic size barbells (50mm sleeve) and in our opinion THE best value for money bumpers on the market today. Please note - the 5kg bumper plates are prone to warping when used on their own. We do not recommend dropping them from height to avoid the likelihood of this happening.
Accurate to within 2% of stated weight


Please Note: In the final stage of production, the bumper plates are treated with a silicone spray to keep them dust-free. The layer dissolves after some time, but can also be washed off with dish soap. A slightly stronger odour due to the plate's material will fade with usage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
PaulZ (Germany)
Just perfect

Good quality at a good price.

Daryl J. (Germany)
Simple, Effective, Inexpensive

I've only been using these a few weeks, but they seem to be solid bumper plates. A bit of a smell still, but that will fade.

Robin G. (Germany)

Riechen stark, fühlen sich ungut an

Juan A.G. (Spain)

Perfect. Finally I have the complete set! Definitely worth it. Acurate, 25.2 and 25.2 on my scale. Great job. Happy!!!

Julian W.V. (Spain)
Good bumper plates for a good price. Like the look

Nice bumper plates

Thomas B.

Erste Trainingserfolge haben sich schon bei der Lieferung eingestellt. Der Mann von UPS wirkte gleich fitter als er mir die Platten gebracht hat :-)