Riot Cambered Bar /w Needle Bearings, 25kg

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Revamped Workouts with the Cambered Barbell

Almost everyone incorporates squats into their workout routine, and those who claim they don't probably do so twice as often. However, when progress plateaus, and the joy of squatting diminishes, it's time to introduce specialized barbells and unconventional exercises to your regimen. The Cambered barbell offers a fresh experience, targeting core muscles and enhancing stability, ultimately facilitating more comfortable and efficient lifting experience. 

Distinctive Form, Enhanced Hold

The primary divergence between the Olympic bar and the cambered bar lies in the grip. When grappling with issues like holding a traditional barbell due to injury or shoulder pain, proper squatting becomes a challenge. Unlike the standard barbell, which is held above shoulder level and slightly beyond the body's axis, the cambered bar is gripped below the shoulders and slightly in front of the body. This alternative grip makes it more accessible and comfortable, even for those with injuries. 

The Needle Bearing Advantage

The standout feature of the Riot Cambered Bar lies in its needle bearing, setting it apart from traditional cambered bars. This design allows the upper body to maintain its position by adjusting the center of gravity. This innovation not only enhances your workout experience but also facilitates more comfortable and effective lifting. Say goodbye to stagnation and welcome a fresh perspective on your lifting journey.


  • Total length: 2010mm
  • Loadable sleeve length: 335mm
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Needle Bearing
  • Knurling: Coarse
  • Barbell diameter: 35mm

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