Single Prong Belt, 10mm, Black IPF Approved

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Our Single Prong belt is designed to help you lift more weight and reduce your chances of injury. We make all of our lever and prong belts with premium Amara synthetic leather for durability and comfort. Our belts are well known for their wear resistance and ability to provide a secure and supportive fit that doesn't compromise on comfort.

Using a lifting belt helps to increase intra-abdominal pressure, providing better body biomechanics when you’re lifting – meaning less lower back stress and more stability. The single-prong design of this belt allows for easy adjustments and a secure fit.


All of our 10mm and 13mm prong belts are perfect for improving your training and your results in competition – every one of our lifting belts is IPF approved.

If you’re setting your sights on competition, our IPF Approved Thick Unisex Singlet makes an excellent companion to our Single Prong Belt.


  • Material: Amara Synthetic Leather
  • Mechanism: Single Prong Buckle
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Width: 10cm
  • IPF Approved


What is the Single Prong Belt made of?
We’re market leaders in Amara synthetic leather, and we use this on all of our belts. Synthetic leather provides a balance of comfort and durability.

How can I adjust the Single Prong Belt?

The Single Prong Belt features a buckle design for quick and easy adjustments. Additionally, a loop ensures the belt remains securely in place during workouts.

Which belt should I choose?

We offer a variety of belts, including 10mm and 13mm single-prong and double-prong belts, as well as quick-fitting lever belts. Your choice depends on your individual needs and lifting style. For a detailed comparison, consider checking our Lifting Belt Guide.

What's the difference between a single and double-prong belt?

While both types of belts deliver significant support, some lifters have a preference for the feeling of added sturdiness that comes with a double-prong belt. On the other hand, a single-prong belt is generally easier to take on and off.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nicolas B. (Spain)

Nice belt and arrived perfectly on time

Mykola G. (Germany)
Ein sehr Guter Gürtel

Sehr guter Gürtel und sehr schnelle Lieferung!

Victor V. (Spain)
Excelent quality

Excellent quality, especially the price-performance ratio of the product. It is impressive that for only 60 euros it is of such good quality. Well packaged, good stiffness and overall barbarity.

Leon S. (Germany)
Guter Gürtel - Erwartungen erfüllt

Alles bestens, einzige Abzüge in der B-Note gebe es dafür das der Gürtel echt steif ist wenn er ankommt und man ihn besser erst immer wieder aufrollt damit er geschmeidiger wird.

Mihail K. (Bulgaria)

Works as intended

David A.O. (Spain)

Single Prong Belt, 10mm, Black IPF Approved