Strength Shop Original Weightlifting Shoes, Black

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A stable foundation for lifting

It's hard to imagine Olympic weightlifting without weightlifting shoes. But you don't have to be a classic Olympic weightlifter to benefit from these specialized shoes. Powerlifters, Strong(wo)men or anyone who likes to squat or has squat variations like front squats or overhead squats in their training programme can't go wrong with weightlifting shoes. And for many other exercises, such as lunges or thrusters, you can optimize your training with these shoes.

Stable & non-slip squat shoe

To perform solid squats, you need stable shoes. This in turn can have a positive influence on exercise performance and also contribute to injury prevention. The hard plastic wedge at the heel, with a height of 2.3cm, improves the lower body levers, in favour of an upright upper body position and forms a solid shoe base. For all those who prefer high bar squats, this makes a good argument for weightlifting shoes. 

At the heel, there is a double reinforcement up to the midfoot to ensure lateral stability of the foot in the shoe. In addition to the lacing, there are two Velcro fasteners in the midfoot area that can be closed in opposite directions for an optimal, firm fit. The sole is quite rigid and offers good grip on the ground, ideal for dynamic exercises such as snatching and pushing, but some also swear by weightlifting shoes for bench pressing.

For an absolute strong grip during training, you can rely on our chalk collection.


  • Upper material: synthetic leather, Oxford cloth
  • Runs true to size
  • Sole material mix: rubber & TPU
  • Fastening: lacing and two opposing Velcro straps
  • Colour: black 
  • Heel height: 2.3cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Leon v. (The Netherlands)


Guarro R. (Poland)
Original Weightlifting Shoes, White

the shoes are fantastic fast delivery great material just need to push now

Georgii D. (Ukraine)

I'm waiting for a size exchange, it's been 2 weeks

Gioele V.

Personal opinion.
For a person using this everyday or several times a week would be preferable to be able to put them on and take them off quick.. rather than using laces and Velcro..
I am keeping this shoes since I couldn't find what I was looking for, but I would have bought a shoe that allows you this flexibility and resistance as per the laces but using the Velcro.. hope this is useful.. have a good day keep up the good job guys :)

Alexander W. (Germany)

Ich habe längere Zeit mit flachen Schuhen und mit Hantelscheibe/Buch unter den Fersen gebeugt. Das erste mal Frontkniebeuge in diesen Schuhe habe ich direkt 10kg mehr gebeugt, die Bewegung fühlt sich auch sauberer an. Toll! Die Schuhe sind sehr gut verarbeitet, passen genauso wie meine normalen Schuhe (beides eine 46) und sind ehrlich gesagt viel besser als meine vorherigen Hippielösungen. Danke für das gute Produkt, glasklar zu empfehlen.

Fabian (Germany)
Sehr zufrieden, vielen Dank.

Ich mache nun seit einem Jahr Kraftsport.
Dies sind meine ersten gewichtheber Schuhe, also fehlt mir der direkte Vergleich. Aber ich ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den Schuhen. Der Fersenkeil ist angenehm beim kniebeugen, beim bankdrücken gibt es ein bißchen extra leg drive.
Grüße an das Strengh Shop Team, ich mag eure Produkte und eure Brand sehr gerne.