Textured Slam Balls/D-Balls - 3-100KG

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  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 3KG
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 3KG
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  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 6KG
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 6KG
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  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 9KG
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 9KG
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  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 15KG
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 15KG
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  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 20KG
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 20KG
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  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 30KG
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball - 30KG
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  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball, 40 kg
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball, 40 kg
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  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball, 50 kg
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball, 50 kg
    CHF 178.50
  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball, 60 kg
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball, 60 kg
    CHF 216.58
  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball, 75 kg
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball, 75 kg
    CHF 255.85
  • Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball, 100 kg
    Textured Slam Ball/D-Ball, 100 kg
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These heavy slam balls take the normal slam ball based plyometric and power training to another level.
Can be used to emulate "strongman" atlas stone events, loading races or used as part of conditioning and power training.
Features a rugged, textured surface that provides easy gripping and helps you keep a sure handle on the Ball during your workout. Slam ball sets consist of one of each slam ball stated.

3kg to 9kg - 24cm diameter
12kg to 20kg - 31cm diameter
30kg - 28cm diameter
40kg - 34cm diameter
50kg - 36cm diameter
60kg to 100kg - 38cm diameter
Please note the following:
- Sometimes the heavier slam balls are not perfectly round in shape.
- The valve on the underside of the slam balls are to keep the materials inside the ball, this is not a valve for inflating the slam balls, tampering with this will damage the seal.
- Material: rubber
Please note that the balls need to be used on an even surface for wall work, and on sufficiently impact absorbing training mats for floor work for the warranty to be valid. The balls may get damaged from high impact on an uneven surface, or on sharp edges of an uneven wall etc.

Colours may vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Claudiu C. (Romania)
I enjoy 100 kgs Slam ball workout

The product is very good. Is the heavy slam ball to buy in Europe. Hope for 300 lbs d.ball in sell. All the Best.

David D. (Germany)
I love it

Dynamic and explosive movements are easy, accessible and fun to perform with this little fella

Thomas S. (Germany)
Atlas Stone Alternative

Super slamball als Alternative für zu Hause statt einem Atlas Stone 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Jan D. (Germany)

Textured Slam Balls/D-Balls - 3-100KG

Sebastien D.

Great grip, keep its shape, better with chalk, keep dry!


New textured Balls are absolutely great in comparison to the old D-Ball (i had a 75kg one). Insides are filled more, better grip, no deformation. Perfect. Next , the 100kg one ;-)