Olympic Cambered Spider Bar

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The Olympic Cambered Spider Bar combines the functionality of a safety bar and a Cambered Bar. The innovative design has extra-long handles, significantly reducing shoulder strain, making it a great choice for lifters recovering from shoulder injuries.

The Spider Bar activates the upper back more than traditional safety bar squats and regular barbell squats, and makes it easier to maintain proper posture in the squat: it’s particularly useful for paused box squats. 

Finished with a black powder coating, and the handles are fastened with hammer-in securing pins for superior stability over screw-in handles.

Please note: This bar should never be dropped. It’s designed for use on the back and isn’t intended to withstand repeated impacts with the ground.


Bar weight: 32kg
Max load rating: 400kg
Total length: 201cm
Length of rackable section: 140cm
Tube diameter: 50mm
Handle diameter: 25mm
Handle length: 76cm

See the Spider Bar in action:


How does the Olympic Cambered Spider Bar differ from traditional squat bars?
The Spider Bar combines the features of a Safety Squat Bar and a Cambered Bar, with extra-long handles to reduce shoulder strain and add variety to squat exercises. Its design requires more engagement from the upper back compared to standard squat bars.

Is the bar suitable for someone with a shoulder injury?
Yes, the extended handles are specifically designed to alleviate strain on the shoulders, making it a great option for individuals with shoulder issues.

How do you assemble the Olympic Cambered Spider Bar?
Included in the box are the main frame of the bar, two handles labelled A & B for easy assembly matching, three pads, and two securing pins with a tapered edge for hammering. To assemble:

  • Match the handles to the corresponding labels on the frame as indicated in the provided photos.
  • Hammer the securing pin into the handle through the frame, starting with the tapered edge. This step may require considerable force.
  • Attach the shoulder pads onto the handles before securing them in place.
  • Once secured, slide the pad up, and the bar is ready for use.

Does this bar come with a warranty?
Yes. The Olympic Cambered Spider Bar comes with a 2-year warranty, covering manufacturer defects. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
F. (Germany)
Great thing!

This is my favorite Squatbar, I use it since two years and it's still awesome to train with. The movement control is so special, I love it!

Markus (Germany)
Geiles Teil

Lässt sich problemlos aus dem und in das Rack heben, das Beugegefühl ist mMn komplett anders als mit herkömmlichen Safetysquatbars. Viel mehr Arbeit im Rumpf. Dennoch eine hervorragende Stange, die ich nicht nur fürs normale Beugen, sondern auch für Splitsquats verwende

Customer (Austria)
Großartiges Produkt

Das Ding tut was es soll und ist eine einzigartige Hybridbar. Der Lieferweg hat dem Lack zugesetzt was schade ist aber nichts mit der Bar zu tun hat. Eher an der Art und Weise der Verpackung. Leider ist in der Schachtel auch Holz dabei. Dieses hat bei meiner zum schimmeln und modern begonnen. Das heisst der Schimmelgeruch hat sich in den Pads abgesetzt und ist nicht rauszubekommen. Was sehr schade ist weil man den Modergeruch immer wahrnehmen wird.

Christoph B. (Germany)
Good Bar

Its a good Bar, very solid nice finish. Not mutch to complain about. Only thing is the handls are fixed with some splints who dont fit perfectly. We had to use alot of force and damaged the Bar a little. But since its under the pads, its not the end of the world.

Fabio G.
Best bar

Great bar. Going to use it with a lot of clients. Feeling like a front squat basically. Highly recommended.

Fabien M.
usefull tool

this barbell is by far the most usefull tool that i ever buy, pretty cool for squat and totally efficient for good morning with bands