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Strengthshop-Yoke, auch als Trainingsstation für Kniebeugen und Bankdrücken einsetzbar.

Der verstellbare Yoke gehört zu den Hauptdisziplinen bei Strongman Events und ist hervorragend geeignet, um Rumpfkraft sowie Fitness aufzubauen und zu trainieren.

Er ist problemlos höhenverstellbar und verfügt über
50 mm-Loading Pins für Olympia-Hantelscheiben.

Als Trainingsstation verwendet, ist der Yoke ideal für Kniebeugen und Bankdrücken.
Er wird mit Catchern/Sicherheitsstangen geliefert, welche entweder für das Bankdrücken oder die Kniebeugen verwendet werden können. Zusätzlich könnt ihr auch noch J-Haken bestellen und damit die Catcher als Sicherheitsstange verwenden.

Die Catcher können problemlos entfernt werden, um die Trainingsstation wieder in einen Yoke umzufunktionieren.


2.5 mm Stahl (Rahmen)
4 mm Stahl Pfeilerstützen

Pfeiler: 60 mm x 60 mm

Breite: ca. 123.5 cm
Innenmaß: ca. 110 cm
Höhe: ca. 188 cm
Tiefe: ca. 102 cm
Gewicht: ca. 42 kg

Unterste Position für Catcher/J-Haken: 61 cm
Oberste Position für Catcher/J-Haken: 180.5 cm

Ablagefläche Catcher: 35 cm

Länge Loading Pins: 29 cm

Die empfohlene maximale Gewichtssbelastung beträgt
300 kg (sowohl bei Verwendung mit J-Haken als auch mit Catchern).

Um die Standfestigkeit des Yokes/der Trainingsstation zu erhöhen, empfehlen wir, stets ein paar Gewichte auf den Hantelablageflächen zu lagern.

Bank, Hanteln, Gewichtsscheiben sind nicht in der Lieferung enthalten.

Verstellbarer Yoke/Trainingsstation für Kniebeugen und Bankdrücken

Wir hatten schon einige Trainingsstationen in unserem Sortiment und glauben, dass diese bis dato die beste ist.
Dieses Trainingsgerät ist ideal für alle, die auf der Suche nach einer kompakten, gut verstaubaren Trainingsstation sind.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mads E.

Solid and great looking yoke. You get a lot for the money on this.

Amazing Yoke!

This is a fantastic yoke for it's price also very easy to set it all up (I got it all done in 45 minutes by myself!) was worried if I would actually bump my head to the fat grip while unracking on squats but to my suprise I can unrack without any problems, since I'm 1m88. totally recommend this yoke! 10\/10

OK for the price

Gets the job done. For the price you can't realy complain.Get's home without instructions and even thought you wish you had them when you unpack it, once you lay everything in front of you it's really easy to assemble. Just be carefull about the small diference in size of screws.Here are some informations that you might find usefull if you consider it. had to rescrew the bolts holding the upright a few times, after some light squats at only 140kg to test it, I noticed that the posts were leaning a little bit. Nothing dramatic, but I had to redo them quite hard in already 3 times in less than a month. I don't think I'll get the confidence to go for a really heavy set without the J-hooks. Putting the bar on the J-hooks is going to keep the weight closer to the uprights and may be fix the issue.Speaking of the J-hooks, they are a must and should be included with all yokes. The catchers don't really enjoy beeing used as J-Hooks and even a non agressive weightlifting bar grazing them leaves marks really fast.Another annoying feature: the upright support has two plastic covers per side that come between the uprights on each side and the upright support. I've said some ugly words to those crappy plastic pieces. The lower ones fall little by little and once they are completly out they are a pain to put back in.Lastly, about the dip attachement. They are really sturdy, more than the yoke itselft in fact. You really get the feeling that they were designed for a heavier rack. Keep in mind that even with heavy weight on the pins, the yoke doesn't like lateral forces. Only by putting the dip attachement on you see that you won't be doing weighted dips on that (shame, I was hopping I could). I'm 93kg and I have to do slow and controled reps with bodyweight to prevent some scary swinging. To sum it up, IN MY OPINION, it gets the job done but be delicate with it or you might have to repair it pretty fast.