Zweizinkiger Dreikampfgürtel, weinrot, 10MM - IPF/BVDK-Standart

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Our double prong belts offer a firm and supportive fit that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Like all of our lever and prong belts, we craft this one from high-quality Amara synthetic leather, ensuring your belt will stand the test of time.

Using a lifting belt boosts intra-abdominal pressure, reducing lower back stress and increasing stability. The double prong design of this belt adds additional durability and a secure fit you can rely on.


Our belts are ideal for improving your training and increasing your performance in competition. The Double Prong Belt is IPF approved.

Eyeing a competition? Pair our Double Prong Belt with our IPF Approved Inferno Knee Sleeves for the perfect competitive edge.


  • Material: Amara synthetic leather
  • Colour: Wine red
  • Mechanism: Double prong buckle
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Width: 10cm
  • IPF Approved
Sizing Guide (cm)
S 61-71
M 66-86
L 76-96
XL 86-106


What is the Double Prong Belt made of?
Our Double Prong Belt is made of top-tier Amara synthetic leather. This material ensures an excellent balance between comfort and durability.

How can I adjust the Double Prong Belt?
Our Double Prong Belt incorporates a buckle design for swift and effortless adjustments. Plus, a loop ensures the belt remains firmly in place throughout your workouts.

Which belt should I choose?
We offer a wide range of belts, including 10mm and 13mm single-prong and double-prong belts, as well as quick-fitting lever belts. Your selection depends on your personal requirements and lifting style.

What's the difference between a single and double prong belt?
Both single and double-prong belts offer substantial support, but some lifters prefer the additional durability of two prongs instead of one. However, a single-prong belt is easier to put on. It’s ultimately up to personal preference.

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Andrea M. (Croatia)

Double Prong Belt, All Black, 10MM - IPF Approved

Jaime M.V. (Germany)

Double Prong Belt, All Black, 10MM - IPF Approved

Marc N.

Double Prong Belt, All Black, 10MM - IPF Approved

Naim R.M. (Spain)

Muy endeble

Dominik G. (Austria)
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Angenehm zu tragen, super Qualität, Preis/Leistung unschlagbar

Alberto P.D.M.P. (Spain)

Double Prong Belt, All Black, 10MM - IPF Approved