Inferno Kniebandagen, fest, 1 Paar - 2,5M

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Feste Inferno Kniebandagen ohne Klettverschluss mit einer Länge von 2,5 m

Auch Weltklasse-Strongman Laurence Shahlaei verwendet diese Bandagen, denn sie stützen das Knie optimal während des Kniebeugentrainings/Gewichthebens.

Diese Bandagen sind sehr fest, vergleichbar mit APT Convicts, und bieten dir die ideale Unterstützung, um dein Trainingsgewicht zu steigern.

Kniebandagen, fest

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Martin Z. (Germany)

Perfekt für schweres Beugen. Allerdings sollte man schmerzbefreit sein. 😁Die Dinger sind richtig hart.

Ahmed K. (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Inferno Heavy Knee Wraps, 1 Pair - 2M, 2.5M or 3M

Patrick (Austria)
Easily puts 20 kg on my squat

This is my first time experimenting with equipment for squatting. While it does feel awkward at first, it is exciting to see how much they support (especially at the bottom of the squat). I’m pretty confident that they put at least 20 kg on my squat. Probably more if I can dial in my technique.
They seem well made and sturdy. I will have to play with them a bit more but so far it has been a good purchase 👍

A. (Belgium)
Really ‘heavy’

The quality seems good, but they are unfortunately, too heavy for me ;). This is only my second pair of knee wraps, so wasn’t sure what to expect (I used extra heavy knee sleeves though). This is definitely too much for a 55kg female who would have used them for full ROM squats.