Riot Power Cage - 75 X 75MM Pfeiler, 3MM dicker Stahl

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Wir freuen uns, euch unseren neuen Strengthshop Riot Power Cage vorstellen zu dürfen!

Dieses neue Modell lässt sich großartig in Fitnessstudios aber auch für das private Training zu Hause einsetzen. Dank seiner reichen und vielseitigen Ausstattung ist der Riot Power Cage für alle Arten des Krafttrainings bestens geeignet.


Tiefe: 141 cm

Breite: 120 cm

Höhe: 210 cm

Nettogewicht: ca. 180 kg

Maße Pfeiler: 75 x 75 mm

Lochdurchmesser: 26 mm

Abstand Löcher: 50 mm

Empfohlene maximale Gewichtsbelastung: 600 kg

Der Cage wird mit der folgenden Ausstattung geliefert:

- robuste 75 x 75 mm Pfeiler

- Spotter Arms/Sicherheitsstangen.

- 2 Paar einfach höhenverstellbare J-Haken

- zusätzlicher J-Haken am Ende der beiden Spotter Arms, um

z. B. Rows außerhalb des Cage ausführen zu können

- Klimmzugstation mit vielen, in unterschiedlichen Winkeln angebrachten, Griffmöglichkeiten

- die beiden unteren Querstangen sind ein Stück über dem Boden angebracht, sodass es möglich ist, innerhalb des Cage in einer breiteren Standposition zu Trainieren und Sumo Pulls auszuführen

- für extra Stabilität kann der Cage im Boden verankert werden

- schwarze, matte Lackierung

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Luca G.

Riot Power Cage, 3MM Steel - 75 X 75MM Box Sections

D.A. (Spain)
Very Good

It feels strong and was very good packaged to be sent.

Also easy to mount. (Note for installers: Before mount it look at screws and identify the 4 that are a bit longer to use them in the back part of the rack to install the bar mounts)

Only two drawbacks:
+ Side security arms (spotter) are not as firm as other attachment due to have an small bar in the attachment. (see attached image comparing it with the jcup provided)
+ I would like to have a little more holes for place accessories beyond 28th (maybe 30 or 31) near the floor in order to place there storage attachments (see my comment on Bumper plate Storage Attachment accessory)

S v.L.
happy customer

Nice quality rack
Excellent service from the
strenghtshop team.
Solid piece of equipment


Das Rack ist Klasse. Mega stabil, selbst ohne es im Boden zu verankern. Sehr leicht aufzubauen ,selbst alleine. Es gibt keinen Grund für mich, ein anderes, welches kostspieliger ist woanders zu kaufen. Für das Geld bekommt man ein massives Rack mit netten Spielereien

Very Strong Recomendation

So we moved to Germany from the states and bought a house. I have a spare room in my basement and was in the market for a new power cage so I can lift at home. I have a low ceiling so Rogue was out of the question plus I dont have a couple grand to spend on a rack. looked around and decided on this. The racks on ebay are cheap and flimsy metal and I didnt feel safe buying one of them. I saw a video on youtube someone made about their garage cage and it looked solid so I bit the bullet and bought this one.So first off the steel is legit, its not thin square tubing or flimsy feeling. Its exactly as advertised and extremely solid. I honestly think you could drive a car over one of the uprights and nothing would happen to it. I dont know the weight of the rack but it has to be about 150-200 lbs easily.Everything bolts together with quality bolts. The welds are pretty solid. You can tell its not a rogue rack as some attention to detail is not there ie there is not welds on 360 degrees of every j cup or upright support but for the most part I feel safe and am happy with it. I dont squat an insane amount of weight but feel comfortable putting 400 lbs on the jcups if need be. One thing I noticed is the side support bars are just slightly off by a few degrees. It causes no problems with the rack but you can tell that whatever chinese slave labor person who welded everything had an off day. The one thing that pisses me off is the supports are numbered so you know where to put your j cups and safety arms. They messed up when numbering them so the numbers arnt facing the same way ie the back of one post is numbered and the front of the opposite is numbered. Theres not much I can do because returning a few hundred lb squat rack is more trouble than its worth and emailing strenghtshop wont solve much other than getting possibly a discount on my next order. The powder coating is quality and has not scratched easily or come off yet. I added the plate holders to the sides and with 300 lbs of weight on the uprights I feel solid. I weight about 300 lbs and when doing pullups or dips the cage does not move or shift. It does not feel unsafe like it would tip but I should probably bolt it down.m a big guy and the depth of the cage is good. Its very roomy. This thing will last a life time and I definitely recommend buying it. I dont know why strength shop wont make a video review of this or add real pictures but if you want to see an actual picture of it assembled you can check out my instagram outofmyelement1445 and if you really want, get in touch with me through there and ill make an iphone video and send it to you so you know what you are buying. Its a solid purchase. Splurge and get the dip horns and safety straps. The quality for your money is well worth it.

Strong recommendation

I'm surprised there are no reviews. I've been using this cage for almost a year now. I chose the Riot model over the other models because I wanted this to be the foundation of my gym. I wanted the increased tube size and the Riot offered me the best features and flexibility for my goals. The 200 cm height was important because I hate feeling cramped in a cage when I'm really going for it. The depth is good \u2013 there is space to walk a squat back further than I've needed to. I based the width on measuring the racks that I liked at the gym and this one feels very comfortable and natural to me to rack\/unrack and perform the moves. The pull-up station is great for weighted pulls and chin-ups with a good range of grips and distances. My Fat Gripz fit on the bars in all the positions and I use it with inversion boots as well. I have never used the standard dip station. I added the dip horns and use it as a basic captain's chair for core work and obviously for weighted dips. I want to hang them outside the cage so I don't have to move them to alternate with a barbell move. The only inconvenience is I added the plate holder attachments and one of them will always have to sit directly under the dip horns. Safety arm spacing is standard which hasn't been a problem for me. I added a couple sets of the plate holders to the cage for added stability. They did work pretty well for providing that counterbalance. But they realistically can only be put in one place so it's not a real solution for storage. I have a separate weight rack and wish I'd just invested in more of those over the attachments. I do appreciate the barbell holders at the rear though. I kept the bottom crossbar attached and did not bolt the cage to the floor for a few months. Loaded plate holders kept it stable for most lifts. But it always seemed to be in the way for bench presses and I did get too much wobble for my liking. Generally when I racked a heavy barbell with chains or when shifting the centre of gravity with weighted dips or pull ups. I anchored it into the concrete floor and removed the crosspost. It's the Rock of Gibraltar now. I recommend anchoring the cage to some foundation or it might limit how heavy you go on some lifts. The J-Hooks are a bit too deep for my liking. They work, and they are secure, but when I'm benching without a spotter I wish I didn't have to lift it so high to move it in position. I use this cage in some way for every single training session. My complaints are rather minor and I would say the quality and value-for-money is ace.